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Burglary Attorney Serving Hillsborough County, Merrimack County, and Rockingham County

While burglary and theft are often closely associated, they are different offenses, and burglary does not always involve stealing or the intent to steal. In addition, theft crimes might be charged as misdemeanors, while burglary is generally a felony offense. An experienced burglary attorney is critical for your defense.

The penalties that can come with a burglary conviction are serious, and it is important to present the strongest possible defense against your charges. If you have been arrested and charged with burglary in Hillsborough County, Merrimack County, or Rockingham County, you should not wait to contact our burglary defense lawyer at Sweeney Law Office.

Overview of Burglary Charges

Burglary involves entering an occupied building or dwelling with the intent to commit a crime. While this crime might be theft, it does not have to be, and many burglary cases might involve assault or additional offenses. Generally, burglary is a Class B felony, which can mean up to seven years in state prison.

Cases can be escalated to Class A felony charges if certain aggravating factors are alleged, such as:

  • The burglary happened at a dwelling during the night (30 minutes after sunset through 30 minutes before sunrise)
  • The burglar was alleged to have used a deadly weapon during the offense
  • Someone else suffered serious bodily injury by the burglar

Class A felony convictions can mean up to 15 years in prison.

Consult with a Burglary Lawyer in Hillsborough County, Merrimack County, and Rockingham County Today

At Sweeney Law Office, we know how to defend against serious felony charges, aiming to get charges dismissed or penalties reduced whenever possible. If you need the help of a burglary attorney in Hillsborough County, Merrimack County, and Rockingham County, please contact us online or call 877.223.2856 as soon as possible to discuss your situation today.