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Weapons Charges
Weapons Charges

Weapons Charges

Weapons Charges Attorney Serving Hillsborough County, Merrimack County, and Rockingham County

Each state has its own laws regarding gun possession and carry, and New Hampshire has fairly relaxed laws. However, not everyone is allowed to purchase or possess a weapon, and many weapons might be used in illegal activity. Convictions for weapons offenses can have serious consequences, and you need an experienced weapons charges lawyer if you are arrested in Hillsborough County, Merrimack County, or Rockingham County. Do not wait to contact the Sweeney Law Office to discuss your situation today.

Illegal Possession of a Firearm

Even though you no longer need a permit for concealed carry or firearm possession in New Hampshire, there are certain restrictions on gun ownership and carry. For example, most convicted felony offenders are banned from possessing firearms, as are people who are subject to domestic violence protective orders. You also may not possess a firearm in a courtroom or other restricted areas, of which there are few. Illegal possession of a firearm can mean fines, probation, and possible jail time.

Using a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime

Even if you are allowed to possess and carry a firearm, the law prohibits using or possessing a firearm during the commission of another criminal offense. Generally speaking, having a firearm will enhance the charges and penalties you face for the underlying offense, as having a deadly weapon is an aggravating factor in most scenarios.

Consult with a Weapons Charges Lawyer in Hillsborough County, Merrimack County, and Rockingham County Right Away

The Sweeney Law Office knows how to defend against serious firearm allegations, and we seek to have charges dismissed or reduced whenever possible. Contact us online or call 877.223.2856 to speak with an experienced weapons charges attorney serving Hillsborough County, Merrimack County, and Rockingham County today.