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Post DWI / DUI License Restoration in New Hampshire
Post DWI / DUI License Restoration in New Hampshire

Post DWI / DUI License Restoration in New Hampshire

If you have made it to sentencing, whether after trial or plea, then it’s time to bite the bullet. The process going forward is all about minimizing the consequences of the DUI conviction. If you had an effective DUI defense attorney, then you have the best outcome available under the circumstances of your case. It’s now up to you to satisfy all of the requirements and get your license back as soon as possible. Even if it seems like a long time before your license is restored, do not wait to get started.

Satisfy Requirements As Quickly as Possible

Fine Payment

After sentencing, there are many follow up requirements before your driver’s license is restored. All of them are expensive. The road to restoration usually begins with payment of a fine and a court fee (penalty assessment) on the day of the last court hearing. Be prepared to pay the fine and penalty assessment on the day of the plea or sentencing. There are often ways to delay payment of the fine, but delays in payment usually result in a longer license loss.


After you leave the courtroom, you will have to stop at the clerk’s window to pay your fine and penalty assessment. The clerk will provide a pamphlet with contact information for an IDCMP. Your license will not be restored until the IDCMP, but you do not want to wait to get this process started. CALL BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE COURTHOUSE to make the appointment. Time flies and 14 days goes quickly. Taking more than 14 days usually results in significantly longer license loss. Get it done right away and do what you can to avoid rescheduling.

IDCMP is an evaluation. They determine whether a “service plan” is necessary in your case. A service plan is necessary for people determined to be at a higher risk of drug/alcohol use in the future. If the IDCMP results in a service plan, get started right away and get it done as quickly as possible. Any delay in completion of a service plan usually results in a longer license loss.

Motion to Reduce

Notify the court that you have completed the requirements immediately. If you have an experienced DUI attorney, they will be able to assist you with the filing of a motion to reduce your suspension. In many cases, the license loss can be reduced by up to 6 months if all requirements were completed within time limits. Courts take some time to rule on a motion to reduce. Get the motion filed with the court as soon as possible to avoid a longer license loss.

Complete the Process

The process can seem complicated and frustratingly slow. Having an attorney who specializes in DUI defense can help navigate the courts and administrative agencies as quickly as possible. Driving before restoration can result in a minimum mandatory jail sentence, more fines, further loss of license, alcohol ignition interlock requirement, and may trigger a Habitual Offender certification process. Don’t let impatience make a bad situation worse.

Regardless of where you are in the restoration process, you can call now for a free initial consultation with an experienced DUI attorney: (603) 589-8015. Let’s get this done.