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New Hampshire a Cinderella license or “work license” called a “Limited Driving Privilege After Revocation or Suspension” (See NH RSA 263:57-b). The original intent of the law was to allow drivers who need their license to get to work, medical care, or school, an exception to their license suspension to get there and back. By the time the law was passed, however, it was full of expenses and requirements that make it incredibly burdensome and of little practical use. So much so, that the law is often referred to as the “Severely Limited Driving Privilege”.

Only a driver convicted of a first offense DUI in a non-commercial vehicle is eligible to ask the sentencing court to grant them the Cinderella license. Even if he sentencing court grants the Cinderella license, it is not effective until the driver’s license has already been under suspension for at least 45 days. That means that in cases where the minimum amount of time for full license restoration is 90 days, the Cinderella license is only effective for 45 days.

During the Cinderella license period, there are strict limits on where, when, and what the driver may drive. This is an exemption to the license suspension only for the specific times, places, and days that the sentencing court determines are needed to attend work, school, treatment, or medical care. The driver must provide the local police department with those routes. In order to drive those routes and the specified days and times, the vehicle must first have an “enhanced technology ignition interlock device” (breathalyzer) installed and an SR-22 on file.

Whenever the legislature passes a law with such slight apparent utility, there is usually money in it somewhere for someone. This law starts with a big bag of cash for insurance companies. An SR-22 is a very expensive insurance policy that is required during and after the Cinderella license period. The breathalyzer interlock required under the Cinderella law is also the most expensive version of the device currently in use in New Hampshire and requires “maintenance” and other associated fees to be paid to the companies that put the devices in and take them out. The driver does not just pay for the “enhanced technology” breathalyzer “service” for the Cinderella period; s/he keeps paying for an entire year.

There are, of course, circumstances when even and expensive, burdensome, and severely limited license suspension better than the alternatives. After a DUI conviction, it is best to make a checklist and keep working through it until everything is done. A delay in paperwork, payment, completion of follow up appointments, or any other license restoration requirement means a delay in both the Cinderella license and the full restoration of your license. Some delays can cost 6 months or more in additional license loss.

If you have been convicted of DUI, the sentence and restoration requirements can be very difficult to get under control. For a better understanding of the Cinderella license, other aspects of your DUI sentence, or an experienced DUI defense attorney, call Attorney Shawn Sweeney for a FREE CONSULTATION at (855) 603-DUI-1. Whether you just been arrested or are trying to sort out the aftermath of representing yourself in a DUI case, you need the best DUI lawyer you can get.

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