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A person convicted of DWI in New Hampshire may be required to have a device installed in any vehicle registered to, or regularly used by, that person. Many courts order the installation even during the suspension period if a vehicle is registered to the person convicted of DWI. Installation of the alcohol ignition interlock is mandatory for those seeking to have their license restored after a suspension for Aggravated DUI, or Second (and subsequent) offenses, or Driving After DWI Suspension.

The ignition interlock requires a person to blow into a tube before the vehicle ignition is enabled. If the device senses alcohol, then the ignition is disabled and the attempt to start the vehicle is reported. In addition to the interlock itself, the person’s license and license plate are marked so law enforcement can tell that the device is required in the vehicle.

There are only two vendors currently supplying the ignition interlock devices in New Hampshire. Installation and monitoring costs (including device malfunctions) are paid by person with the DWI. So, choose carefully. According to people involved in the supervision of the interlock program, Drager provides a reliable device without predatory fees and practices.


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