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Talking from my experience with Shown … Best lawyer ever , has the wisdom you need … so intelligent and talented in his ways of helping his client , he calmly listens to you till the end and start talking with friendly legal advices and best strategies ever … he is there when ever you need his help … he strongly defend his client as if they were his own friends … he knows his own stuff and known for his great success … I strongly suggest that you see him first thing first weather you need help or not and weather you need a legal advice or defense in court or any trouble you have … I talked to him many times and he is there for you when you need his help… definitely recommend as top star lawyer of the top star lawyers and as best of the bests


Mr. Sweeney is a great person to have on your side.

Wendy Glass

Great legal advice

Daniel Cloutier

I’ve spoken with Shawn on multiple occasions and he not only knows his stuff but is also easy to talk to and is a great lawyer that keeps his clients’ interests ahead of his own.

Kyle Battis

Above and beyond
Shawn was able to get a Habitual Offender certification case against me dismissed. He explained to me at the first hearing that the odds of winning an HO case are very low, but through very impressive attention to detail he was able to remove two of the convictions from the HO criteria; after almost a year of extentions, the case was dismissed. I include the length of the case to emphasize how many hoops he had to jump through to get those criteria removed. He is the first person I would recommend to anyone in a similar position to the one I was in.


He’ll Get It Done!
After Consulting with Shawn I was confident hiring him as my attorney to represent me after serious charges in New Hampshire. He was thorough persistent and always put me at ease contacted me through text and phone and always sent emails with motions and any paperwork filed in a timely fashion. Within a week he got my indictable charges dropped and within three weeks he got my whole case dismissed I was amazed and relieved that it got done so quickly. Thanks to Shawn this is all behind me. I would highly recommend him.. Thanks so much Attorney Sweeney.


Shawn Knows How the System Works
When our juvenile son found himself in trouble, with a police department hell-bent to assume the worst, Shawn provided the calm expertise we needed for a good outcome. It was expensive, and our son will be paying this back for a long time, but some lessons are expensive.


Best Possible Outcome!
We found Shawn to be methodical and thorough in his preparation for my son’s DUI. He made sure he understood all the information, determined the relevance and importance of it, and then formulated an approach to get our son the best possible outcome. We got a No Contest conviction vacated and came to an amicable agreement with the prosecutor to minimize the total consequences for our son. Couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer in our case!


Speeding ticket case
Shawn was very helpful, gave great advice, and got the result. Highly recommended.


Shawn Sweeny
Shawn has does both business and personal for us, and we can say he is nothing short of excelllent. He is just amazing! He is always more than willing to go above and beyond.


Great attorney, great person
Mr. Sweeney went above and beyond my expectations. I found myself in a position where I didnt know what to do. A friend told me about Shawn and after speaking with him, he made me feel at ease. He drafted paperwork and sent it to the proper destinations in a timely fashion. He was confident at every turn, even when I had no idea what to do. I got to know Shawn as a person and he is an awesome guy. Professional and down to earth. I never felt that he was talking down to me or got an impression he thought any less of me. He is punctual and didnt put my situation on his back burner. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is need of legal assistance. Thank you Shawn for everything.


When facing criminal charges in New Hampshire. I consulted with attorney Shawn Sweeney. I felt confident and at ease hiring him as my attorney. He was persistent and really knows his stuff. Within a week he got my indictable charges dropped and my case dismissed for my other charges within 3 weeks. I’m absolutely amazed at how quickly he got this resolved. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks so much attorney Sweeney

The prosecutor was talking about 7-15 years. The case was dismissed the day before Thanksgiving. It costed a lot, but I’m glad I had Sweeney.

This guy really knows what he’s doing. A lawyer who GI es out his cell phone number and answered when I called. He was expensive, but worth every penny.

Very nice to work with.