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Small Business Collections

Experienced Legal Counsel to Get Your Business Paid

Sweeney Law Group, PLLC represents several business clients. We know how difficult it can be to maintain and grow a small business. Like you, we work hard to bring in clients, painstakingly provide the products and services according to client specifications, make the changes necessary to keep them satisfied, and often prioritize them over others when necessary. For customers who refuse to pay on a valid agreement after notice, there are court remedies designed to get businesses paid. We guide creditors, professionals, and small businesses through the complex, but effective, process to extract payment from even the most resistant debtor.

Guidance and Enforcement Together

After providing quality products and services, few things are as frustrating as clients who do not pay the bills. For the accounts that have already fallen past due, we have a well-tested system for getting clients paid. We will also work with our business clients to create quality customer agreements that include protections for often-unforeseen circumstances. With a solid customer agreement and notice procedures, there are fewer disagreements and fewer accounts fall delinquent.

Continuing Customer Relationships is Often a Priority

Our collection procedure begins with notice to the debtor that the debt has not been forgotten and it is only a matter of time before the debt is paid. For some clients, it is preferable to manage the resolution of debt while maintaining the business relationship with the debtor if possible. After all, there was a reason for taking the risk of extending credit in the first place. If the debt can be collected while continuing to maintain the customer relationship, then everyone is better off going forward.

Some Debtors Choose the Hard Way

If there is no satisfactory response to the first notice, then the debtor is notified that litigation is about to begin. For most, the initial stages of notification prompt a quick resolution of the debt. For those who prefer the hard way, we do that too. We have been tracking down and dealing with the slipperiest of deadbeats for years. It takes a patient, but stubborn continuous approach. We can locate and attach business and personal assets and income. We employ increasingly progressive burdens until the debt is satisfied.

A Variety of Tools for Everyone

Collections lawyers represent clients in less expensive Small Claims and Circuit Court civil claims up to $10,000.00 and in complex Superior Court civil claims for higher amounts. The best small business lawyers will take a multi-level approach keeping the client’s goals first and foremost. Litigation is only one of the tools we employ. We do not want your business going deeper into debt trying to collect on delinquent accounts. We will work to keep your collection legal expenses low and shift cost to the delinquent debtor whenever possible.

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