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Our office is open, the courts are open, we have technology for remote/video meetings, hearings, depositions, and any other transactions or interactions we were conducting in person weeks ago. We are working at full volume on a full schedule. Employing technology to get the work done is not a new concept for this practice.

Protect Your Rights – Control Your Case

Thank you so much for all of your help and legal advice. It was a pleasure working with you. I pray very hard that we have no need for a defense attorney anytime in the future, but if we did, you’d be the first one we would call! – Client

If you are facing an accusation, the process of gathering evidence against you has already begun. You will need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights as your case proceeds. Contacting the best criminal defense attorney at the earliest stages increases the effectiveness of your legal defense. Manchester Criminal Defense Attorney Shawn Sweeney will provide a confidential initial phone consult free of charge. A free initial consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer will provide you with an opportunity to avoid common mistakes made in the early stages. Clients often comment that much of their initial anxiety and fear disappears during that first phone call. A clear understanding of what is happening and what comes next is the first step in taking control of your case.

Discover What Evidence Police Have

In order to gain a true understanding of the circumstances of your case, it will be necessary to find out what evidence the police have to prove their case against you. It is best if you do not help them with their case by talking to anyone but your lawyer about what happened. A criminal defense lawyer can quickly obtain reports from police and other witnesses and meet with you to develop a plan for getting the best results.

Investigate What the Police Missed

A complete and aggressive criminal defense requires, not only decades of experience, but investigative resources to paint a complete picture of the facts and circumstances of your case. Manchester Criminal Defense Lawyer Shawn Sweeney works with independent laboratories, crime/accident scene analysts, experienced investigators, and a broad array of experts, as needed, to develop aspects of your case overlooked by the summary manner of many law enforcement investigations.

Bring Experience to the Bargaining Table

Manchester Criminal Defense Attorney Shawn Sweeney has resolved more than a thousand cases through a thoughtful and persistent method of preparation, negotiation, and advocacy. As Chairman of the New Hampshire Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Committee, Attorney Sweeney is at the heart of the community of practitioners in this area of law. During his service in the New Hampshire Legislature, Attorney Sweeney was instrumental in crafting many of the RSAs that make up the criminal code today. Years as a prosecutor has given Attorney Sweeney the foundational insights and relationships needed to know the limits of negotiation.

The Results Speak For Themselves

The results speak for themselves. Many clients have had their cases dismissed, charges reduced, and/or placed on an alternative track. If trial is necessary, you need an experienced attorney who has a proven record of accomplishment throughout the state in District/Circuit courts, Superior Courts, and the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Attorney Sweeney has also produced excellent results in DMV hearings (registry hearings) and juvenile delinquency/CHINS proceedings.

Under 18 Charges

If you have been served with a juvenile petition, strict time limits and an accelerated court calendar make swift action a necessity in order to protect your child’s rights. Your child must meet with an attorney and work through a plan to attack the petition. In Juvenile proceedings, a CHINS petition is used for non-criminal behavioral issues, and a delinquency petition is used to bring forward criminal charges. In either case, both the prosecutor and the judge tend to rely heavily on the recommendations of the juvenile probation officer (JPPO) to determine what is in the best interest of your child. Best outcomes result from a parallel strategy of reaching out to the prosecutor and JPPO, and preparing for litigation if negotiation does not yield an acceptable result. This two-pronged approach is the only way that the family can make informed decisions.

Courts Turn to Attorney Sweeney

Clerks of the Courts routinely turn to Attorney Sweeney when they have cases that the public defenders offices cannot handle. As a member of the Judicial Council’s Juvenile Delinquency proceedings and Supreme Court Appeals assigned counsel lists, Attorney Sweeney is regularly relied on to take cases assigned by the courts in delinquency and appellate matters where the public defenders have withdrawn. In most instances, clients have already waived many of their rights before those cases even make it to private counsel.

Attorney Sweeney Keeps You Informed

With Attorney Sweeney, you will get an emailed copy of all critical documents in your case. You cannot have control over your case without seeing the police reports, witness reports, independent analysis, motions, objections, and other critical information that your attorney should have. Important documents and communications in your case are scanned in and sent directly to your inbox. Attorney Sweeney answers client calls within 24 hours on business days and an emergency cell number is provided at an additional fee for times when 24 hours is too long.

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